No Postlicensing Exams!

Did you know that Postlicensing courses currently do not require a final exam? Due to emergency rulemaking by the Real Estate Commission in response to COVID-19, final exams are not required until the temporary rules are lifted. While the Commission's temporary rules allow education providers to have exams at their own discretion, Triad Real Estate School NC has elected not to have final exams in our Postlicensing classes until further notice.

As if you need another reason to get your Postlicensing done, taking your classes with TRESNC now will get you to full Broker with no test-taking stress!

We have Postlicensing courses in person at our Westbrook Plaza classroom in Winston-Salem, and on Zoom. You could finish your Post requirement before Thanksgiving!

Check out our schedule on and find a class that works for you!

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