Virginia Real Estate Classes Now Available!

At Advantage Real Estate School, we strive to make the resources you need available for you. That's why the courses required to get and maintain your Virginia Real Estate license are now available in our online portal! Here's what to do:

Log in to as a Site Member. If you're not already a member, you'll be prompted to create an account in a few quick and easy steps when you click Log In at the top of the page. As a Site Member, you have access to exclusive benefits including a growing body of student resources.

Once logged in, scroll down to Explore Our Classes. You'll notice we offer self-paced Real Estate classes for all other states as well as NC and Virginia, so if a South Carolina, Tennessee, or other state license would benefit you, or if you are already licensed in another state and need Continuing Education classes, we've got you covered there as well!

Once you land on the Kaplan Real Estate portal for Virginia or other states (you may have to choose your state first), you'll see tabs for the various course types, as well as a tab for State Requirements. We recommend making this tab your first stop if you're considering becoming licensed there. Read up on the state's requirements if you're not already familiar with them. You can also find more information on Real Estate licensing in Virginia on the Virginia Real Estate Board's website:

Clicking the Licensing tab in any state will show you the options for required course(s) to get your license in that state. Clicking the name of each course will open a description; from there you can purchase the course, or go back to the Licensing tab.

Choose your course package, check out, and you're on your way to your Virginia (or other state) Real Estate License!

Photo by Diego Gennaro on Unsplash

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