from zero to licensed in 5 steps

5 steps to licensed

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Step 1

Complete our 75-Hour

Broker Prelicensing Course

Advantage School of Real Estate’s 75-Hour Broker Prelicensing course is approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC) and satisfies "Option 1" of the License Qualification Options stated by the NCREC. To be eligible for the final exam, you must attend at least 80% of the class, which means that you cannot miss more than 15 hours. To pass the class, you must score 75% or higher on the final exam.

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Step 3

Obtain your Criminal

Record Report (“Background Check”)

The NCREC requires you to obtain a criminal record report from each state you’ve lived in over the past seven years as part of your application. Searches of records in a few different states will require more time. It is recommended that you begin this process early, to allow enough time to obtain your report.  
    You may apply for your background check as part of your online license application. When the criminal record report is complete, the reporting agency will attach the completed background report electronically to your online license application, and will also email a copy to you. 

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Step 5

Receive Notice of

Eligibility and Schedule Exam

Upon approving your application, the NCREC will notify you via email, normally within 2-3 business days that you are eligible to take the exam. You should wait one business day following receipt of your notice before contacting PSI to schedule and pay for your examination. The wait is necessary to allow PSI to upload your eligibility record from the Commission. 

If you pass your exam, your application will be considered for licensure after review of your criminal report. After you are approved for licensure, you will receive your broker license in the mail. Your status will be "provisional" and you will be referred to as a "provisional broker".


Step 2

Begin the NCREC’s

Application for a

Real Estate License

Anyone wishing to obtain a real estate license must submit the Application for Real Estate License through the Commission’s website ( You may file a paper application if you are unable to access and/or use the online system. Information regarding the application process will be provided to you during the Prelicensing course. You may begin to complete (but not submit) the application before you finish your Prelicensing course.

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Step 4

Send in your completed

application to the

NC Real Estate Commission

When you successfully pass the class exam, it is time to submit your application to the NCREC. Be sure to include your application fee and all information requested in the application. Please carefully follow the directions on the application to ensure prompt processing.

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Step 6

Choose Your Real Estate

Firm or Broker-In-Charge

  If you want to actively work in real estate, you must affiliate with a real estate firm or Broker-In-Charge and pay your annual renewal fee to the NCREC every year before June 30th. If you do not want to actively work in real estate, you still must pay your annual renewal fee to the NCREC every year before June 30th in order to keep your license from expiring.

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